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Course Details

Day 1

Writing for Distribution

You ever heard that term before, writing for distribution?  Of course not, you write for art then you hope and pray later that someone might want to buy your movie.  I teach you to start thinking about distribution and sales from the second you first pick up a pen.

Film Finance

This is the most important part of my course! If you can’t raise the money then you can’t make the movie, period!

So right now you all are asking “Where do I get the money to make my movie?”  Let me fill you in on a secrete: You’re asking the wrong question!!!  The question you should be asking me is; “How do I make money for my investors?”  Once you learn how to answer that question, then people will start investing in your movies.

I’m going to teach you how to make money for your investors, then I’m going to teach you how to find the money you need.  We’re going to spend half a day talking about nothing but financing, when we’re done you will have the tools you need to fund your movie.  And remember, I don’t just teach, I make multiple films each and every year.

Day 2

Shooting on a budget

Forget what you learned in film school.  Film school teaches you how to make an ideal movie under ideal conditions.  In independent filmmaking ideal conditions do not exist!  You need to know how to shoot a top product for next to no money, I’ll show you how.

You will also learn how to deal with agents, attach name actors, budgeting and scheduling tricks that will save you money, hiring top local talent and crew, contracts and agreements, dealing with common problems that come up on independent shoots, and much, much more!


In the afternoon we’re going to talk about sales.  Let me tell you something, if you don’t have distribution then you have nothing!  You just wasted a lot of time and money on an expensive hobby!  Everything I teach you is geared towards getting distribution!  99% of indie movies play at a few festivals then never make a dime.  Here’s the truth: festivals have almost nothing to do with the business of the film business.  If you do what I teach you to do, then getting real, large scale, distribution will be laughably simple.

When I do a film multiple distribution companies chase after me, competing to be my distributor.  The same is true for students who follow my program.  I’m going to teach you how to get distributors chasing after you and competing with each other so you get the very best deal for your film!