Joel Paul Reisig

Joel Paul ReisigI never went to film school; I learned from doing. I didn’t know anybody in the film business when I got started. I’m just a regular guy like you, I wanted to be a producer and I was willing to put in the work.

I quit the mortgage business and now work full time as a movie producer. I raise budgets, shoot films, and sell them for a profit. My movies play on cable TV, Netflix, Redbox, are sold in major retail outlets, can be rented at DVD stores, and have been translated and sold into over half a dozen languages. I do this multiple times per year and have produced over 20 feature films now. To my knowledge I am the most experienced producer regularly teaching two day A – Z seminars.

It wasn’t easy to get to where I am today. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, mistakes I can keep you from making.

I went to every lecture and seminar that I heard about. I’ve listened to all the “experts”. Some of them were pretty good; a lot of them were awful. They all had two things in common:

1) None of them had any real experience making and distributing movies. Do you really want to learn from somebody who has produced one failed movie? I make multiple, successful, projects each and every year. I know that my system works, and I know that if you give me 2 days I can teach it to you!

2) They have absolutely no idea how to raise money outside of the Hollywood system. I’ll tell you the truth; raising money is hard! I don’t have a simple answer for you because there isn’t one, but I do have about half a dozen real tips that seriously will help. At the end I’ll put them all together and show you how to raise the money to make your first feature. Then I’ll show you how to sell it so you can go on to your second, third, and eighth films! You are capable of doing this!

2 days in my film school will teach you funding, distribution, and the business of the film business!

Don’t wait for it to happen, Be Your Own Hollywood!!!